About us

Conwy's very own place for kids


Yesteryears Toy Shop was opened by Michael and Georgina in 1999.

They opened the shop with the view of giving children today the toy shop of their past.  

For 20 years they brought joy to local and visiting families in Conwy.  In 2019 they decided to retire and Zoe who had worked in the shop for a number of years, decided to continue their legacy of a vintage style toy shop. 

Yesteryears Toy Shop sits within the medieval walls of Conwy Castle, on the coast of North Wales.    

The shop is filled with traditional toys, from board games to rag dolls and science to craft kits. There is something for everyone, from the very young, to those of the advanced years who simply refuse to grow up!    

Where possible we avoid electrical toys and batteries, favouring instead toys and games that encourage play and imagination. We make an effort to seek out companies who are fair trade and use sustainable materials to make their products.    

We love the idea of encouraging learning through play, and what better way to do so than with beautiful toys, designed to last and be passed on.  

  The best way to experience our shop is with a visit, many items are only available in store, but we are always willing to help out with an enquiries over the phone or through e-mail.


We look forward to seeing you!